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As with all feckless conservatives and their websites, you've described the problem, over and over and over again, without submitting any proposed solution, or even an in-depth rational analysis of the phenomenon and the ideology behind it. Do you understand there's a difference in those approaches?

Conservatives are utterly useless because they've conserved absolutely nothing over the last 70 years, not even women's bathrooms. But they're always eager to relate the woke left's latest egregious outrage perpetrated against society, all the while parroting "hypocrisy". This is just more proof of conservative stupidity, and their complete inability to espouse or even develop a useful ideology not mired in Enlightenment/egalitarian terms, which amounts to nothing more than an innate reflection of woke leftism. This is precisely where the fake concept of "hate speech" and resultant censorship come from. The only solution is a viable ideology from the alt-right, the dissident right, and NO, IT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH NAZIISM.

Nothing will get better until the masses of hypnotized ninnies in western society (and their self-appointed spokesmen) discard conservatism, disbelieve any attack by the media about the "far-right", and start embracing anti-egalitarianism, race realism, and rejecting racial equality. But it's all about the fake morality of equality, the Cult of Equality, about which the peons have been so heavily brainwashed that they will never get off their fake moral high horse to start thinking and using their minds instead of their feelings.

The racist-antiracist paradigm is killing western civilization, but absolutely everyone is so puffed up with fake morality that they refuse to understand the connection. Unless the masses of hypnotized ninnies wake up, their societies will continue to commit suicide, due to their buy-in of worshiping at the heretical Altar of Equality. Better to stand with the far right, than wallow with the lying lunatic left.

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