Someone just pointed out to me that after linking to the song from Buffy in which Anya again expresses her irrational fear of 'bunnies'...

I then in the next para go on to talk about going down 'the rabbit hole'...

OMG... hahahha

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Mar 15, 2023·edited Mar 15, 2023

Theory 0. What virus, or any virus for that matter?

Virology "isolation" is: allegedly infected (often different lifeform) cells, then poisoning with numerous toxins to deliberately kill and break them open, further mixing/breaking this soup via centrifuging, cherry-picking of some random cellar matter in a centrifuged layer as a "viral" particle, then using a fantasy computer model to _fabricate_ DNA from numerous random fragments of DNA, possibly from numerous lifeform DNA [1], into alleged "viral" DNA. Oh, and no parallel processing for uninfected control-group cells, as a self-check. This is clearly not isolation, because there is a ridiculous amount of variable pollution, no real isolation, fantasy DNA fabrication, and no self-checking.

Any discussion about viral strains, testing, whatever, is a pointless waste of time and effort, if "viruses" are merely an artefact/phantom of fake isolation by fraudulent "science". Also, "viruses" seem a quite bizarre and self-destructive zombie parasite to me:

How can something exist which can somehow enter cells, and trigger cancer-like replication to occur, with normal respiration, without apoptosis being triggered?

How can so many different alleged types of "viruses" exist?

How is "viral" jumping between species supposed to occur, when "viruses" can't replicate except inside origin species cells?

Why are wrong species cells often used to grow "viruses" which supposedly only infect other specific species?

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FWIW, mortality per virus dropped by nearly tenfold before the arrival of the vaccine, at least in Massachusetts. Medical practice there was determined by the likes of Harvard Medical School which has many affiliated local hospitals, and would have been considered state of the art.

The mortality reduction can be seen from comparing death counts to wastewater RNA measurements (links below).

Compared to the initial reduction from early to late 2020, the transition to omicron was a much smaller change, perhaps a halving. So I wouldn't go for the white hat omicron theory.

I have no particular insight into virus origin, but a lot of the deaths seem to have been due to mismanagement. It would be unsurprising if *all* of the reduction in lethality (30x) since Spring 2020 came from less bad medical practice. I distinctly remember everyone yelling for more ventilators, which were also used in a misguided attempt to keep infections contained, before the story changed to ventilators killing patients.



If the history of covid ever gets written, I expect panic among medical professionals to dominate.

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From my perspective:

1. There is no evidence for Theory 1 being the main explanation of the phenomena we've observed in the past 3+ years.

2. Theory 2 is probably right, but I agree spending too much time focusing on it makes as much sense as what Brandon said yesterday, "My focus is to stay focused."

3. There is clear evidence Theory 3 is not the main explanation.

4. Theory 4 is more like an approach, albeit a quite reasonable one: look at the big picture, look at things from multiple angles, see both the forest and the trees.

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Australia has been testing drinking water and wastewater for Coronavirus for decades. Therefore when the first sick man arrived in Melbourne from Wuhan, a sensible PCR primer set was used in conjunction with Transmission Electron Microscopy to prove that Covid19 was indeed a new Coronavirus. https://geoffpain.substack.com/p/first-detected-covid19-case-arrived

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What about Jonathan Couey's "synthetic clone" hypothesis? It's a little "out there", but it fits really well.

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Emma Caulfield is also awesome

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Well I love Buffy, I recently watched all 7 series again for about the 4th time, and had a lovely dream about Anthony Head once.

There is of course no evidence for a virus nor a new disease. Wuhan is one of the most heavily polluted areas in the world and millions die from air pollution and Northern Italy isn't looking too good either. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing

The deaths in the Uk in spring 2020, with median age 83 after years of low deaths, were caused by loneliness, midazolam and deliberate dehydration. Murders in other words


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